Monday, 16 September 2013

Don't Trust the Ground

At the beginning of the year I was approached by a group of third year dance students from Falmouth University preparing to make their final debut as students under their company name of Uglybird Dance, asking if I would choreograph their final performance piece. The company were five strong, all females and all strong independent people to collaborate with. It was a pleasure to witness their visions coming alive, their utter determination and drive. Here's a few images to celebrate the piece, and the graduation of all of the dancers...Congratulations!

Don't Trust the Ground  (25 mins)
"You look around and start to expect you might not exist...And so you sit. You sit still. Because your limbs are so heavy. They are full of rain."

Developed from an article extract written by Caitlin Moran in Moranthology (p.223), the piece threads together intimate moments of story telling with fast paced physicality that explores the limitations and boudaries forced by repression and hope. Featuring music by Luisine, Thomas Newman, Chromatics, Clint Mansell and UNKLE. Lighting design by Paul Joines, choreographed by Emily Dobson in collaboration with the dancers.
Dancers: Debbie Mason, Lucy Cracknell, Bebe Harvey, Jess Lobb, Grace Clayton

All images by Steve Tanner © to the respective owners

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